Piers Ludlow (dir.),

European Integration and the Cold War: Ostpolitik-Westpolitik, 1965-1973

(Londres, Routledge, 2007)

Table des matières

- Piers Ludlow: Introduction

- Georges-Henri Soutou : The linkage between European Integration and detente: the contrasting approaches of de Gaulle and Pompidou, 1965-1974

- Garret Martin : 'Grandeur et dependances': the dilemmas of Gaullist foreign policy, September 1967 to April 1968

- Wilfried Loth : Detente and European integration in the policies of Willy Brandt and Georges Pompidou

- Andreas Wilkens : New Ostpolitik and European Integration: concepts and policies in the Brandt area

- Helen Parr : Anglo-French relations, detente and Britain's second application for membership of the EEC, 1964 to 1967

- James Ellison : Stabilising the West and looking to the East: Anglo-American relations, Europe and detente, 1965 to 1967

- Jan van der Harst : The Netherlands, the Gaullist challenge and the evolving Cold War, 1966 to 1973

- Piers Ludlow : An insulated Community? The Community institutions and the Cold War, 1965 to 1970

- Jussi Hanhimaki : Searching for a balance: the American perspective

- Piers Ludlow : Conclusions